Sclerotherapy in Murrysville, PA

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used primarily to treat spider and reticular veins. In this method, a solution is injected directly into affected veins, causing them to collapse and fade. Typically, the treatment is quick and involves little discomfort, with patients undergoing a series of small injections. A numbing cream is applied beforehand to enhance comfort. Sclerotherapy can address veins in various body parts, including the legs, which are most commonly affected.

Sclerotherapy in Murrysville, PA, is ideal for individuals seeking a non-surgical option to reduce the visibility of unsightly veins. The treatment is suitable for most adults in good health who are bothered by spider or reticular veins. Results can often be observed a few weeks after the procedure, with optimal results becoming more apparent after several months. Typically, the effects of Sclerotherapy are long-lasting, provided patients follow a healthy lifestyle. If you want to improve your veins’ appearance, consider scheduling a consultation at Physique Medical Clinic in Murrysville, PA.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • Reduces the appearance of spider veins
  • Minimally invasive with no need for surgery
  • Quick procedure with minimal discomfort
  • No downtime required
  • Long-lasting results
  • Improves skin appearance and confidence
  • Can treat veins on various body parts
  • Safe and effective treatment
  • Suitable for most adults
  • Enhances leg health
Who is a good candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Good candidates are generally adults in good health who want to reduce the visibility of spider or reticular veins without surgery.

When will I see the results of Sclerotherapy?

Initial improvement is often visible within a few weeks, with more significant results appearing after several months as the treated veins continue to fade.

How long do Sclerotherapy results last?

Results from Sclerotherapy are typically long-lasting, especially if patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow post-treatment care instructions.

Is there any downtime or side effects with Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy requires minimal downtime, allowing most patients to immediately return to their daily activities. Most side effects are mild, such as temporary redness or bruising at the injection site.

What should I do before and after Sclerotherapy?

Before Sclerotherapy, avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, tanning, and rigorous exercise. After the treatment, wear compression stockings as recommended, engage in light walking, and avoid heavy exercise and heat exposure for a few days.

What can I expect during Sclerotherapy?

During scleroscopy, small injections target veins using a fine needle. Depending on the number of veins treated, a numbing agent is typically applied to minimize discomfort during the 15—to 30-minute session.