Lifestyle Medicine, Alzheimer’s Prevention Program, Hair Loss

Alzheimer’s Prevention Program

Research is showing that approximately 1 in every 3 cases of Alzheimer’s Disease may be preventable. That equates to about 1.1 to 3 million lives that could be saved every year from Alzheimer’s-related complications.

Did you know?


2 out of every 3 AD cases are women


Estrogen may be helpful if given during menopause but could be harmful if given 10 years after menopause


There are 7 modifiable risk factors that can be identified even before symptoms begin

A thorough risk assessment can be performed which includes: anthroprometric data, blood biomarkers, and cognitive function testing. Anyone with a family history of Alzheimer’s dementia should consider this risk assessment and treatment program.

Hair Restoration

  • Most research on PRP for hair loss has addressed “androgenetic alopecia” or hormone-related baldness (which can occur in men and women).
  • Evidence suggests that the treatment works best when combined with oral treatment, which will be discussed in more detail during the consultation.
  • Check out this Harvard Medical School Health Blog for more information about these latest treatments.